The Pressures of Being On the Road

Wed Dec 6 2017 | 84 views | 2 |

Many professional drivers may not know how to handle the unique pressures of being out on the road day after day. It’s a demanding jobRead More…

Rebound Headaches Are Not A Disease

Mon Nov 6 2017 | 30 views | 0 |

MOST OFTEN SELF-INFLICTED… SOMETIMES WITH THE HELP OF DOCTORS  BY: DR. JOHN McELLIGOTT, DR. JOHN’S MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Rebound headaches are very common in truckers who self-medicate aRead More…

Podcast on The Flu w/Mark Reddig on Landline Now

Tue Oct 31 2017 | 34 views | 0 |

IT’S FLU SEASON! In case you missed Dr John talking about the flu w/Mark Reddig listen to the podcast here:     00

Sugar – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

Mon Oct 30 2017 | 40 views | 0 |

SUGAR – THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY!! The average trucker gains 12 lbs. a year. Why? Food on the road may taste goodRead More…

Telemedicine and Patient Engagement

Mon Oct 9 2017 | 105 views | 0 |

We all like to have quality time with our doctors when illness or other issues arise.  If your doctor’s office is anything like mine, youRead More…

Fatty Liver Disease – The Scourge of the Trucking Industry

Fri Sep 8 2017 | 32 views | 0 |

Fatty Liver is the scourge of the trucking industry.  Several years ago, Dave Nemo and I had the head of the Fatty Liver Clinic atRead More…

Bad Teeth! Bad Gums! Poor Health! No Friends!

Fri Sep 1 2017 | 42 views | 0 |

What You Don’t Know About Oral Hygiene Can Kill You or Worse Most people don’t associate bad oral hygiene with their overall health. Well, guessRead More…

The UPs and DOWNs of Blod Pressure

Wed Aug 30 2017 | 49 views | 0 |

The UPs and DOWNs of Blood Pressure The Part your Doctor Left Out or you forgot!! Does blood pressure have a daily pattern?  Mayo ClinicRead More…

Urinary Tract Infections In Truckers

Wed Jul 5 2017 | 36 views | 0 |

While researching for a Dave Nemo Radio Show with Clair Marie on Highway to Health Road Dog Channel, Sirius XM Radio Channel 146 (my favoriteRead More…

52 Pound Weight Loss in 52 Weeks

Tue May 30 2017 | 114 views | 0 |

Weight Loss for Truckers Dr. John’s Big 5 First understand the fat cell. The fat (adipose) cell is a large cell with only one veinletRead More…