Make every day new.

Many people with good intentions make New Year’s resolutions. It is not the resolutions that can be an issue but rather the eleven months after the resolutions. When you are in the mindset of a new year, it is so easy to have big ideas and a motivation to improve the things that you want to change, but those thoughts and feelings often fizzle out as time passes. Why? Because as the excitement of the thought of a new beginning builds, we think outside the box. We dream of what it should or could be if ………. Then on January 1, we leap toward our destination, and by January 30, we find ourselves back to our old ways.

The part of your brain that records and plays back your thoughts works just like a tape recorder. You know: play, rewind, fast forward, and record? Its sole job is to keep you on track no matter what. Well, what IT thinks is “on track” may be automatic and not actually what you want “on track” to be.

Whatever information you have put into this tape recorder is its “reality.” If you have recorded that green is an ugly color, then that is the direction that your tape recorder is going to pull your thoughts and feelings. If you have put into it the thought that green is the most beautiful color in the world, you will automatically smile or have positive thoughts when you see green.

Any idea, such as eating patterns, foul language, biting fingernails, or smoking, works exactly this way. Let’s use smoking as an example. If you have put many positive perceptions of smoking into your tape recorder (it makes me feel social, it gives me something to do, it gives me a connection to others who smoke, it calms me down, etc.) your tape recorder is going to do anything it can to pull you back toward that thinking, even if that is not what you want. You have to train your other thinking faculties to be stronger than the pull of your tape recorder. This is when you will win.

As soon as you become aware of this power you have within you to make changes, run with it! Celebrate this as being the first day of the rest of your life. It may take some hard work. But in the end, it will all be worth it and you will not regret any effort that you have made. So many of us have situations that we would love to change, such as attaining our ideal weight and improved health. Quality of life is priceless and so worth any effort that you give it.

Whatever may be your challenge, you have the power to overcome anything that you choose to. In life there are two directions: forward and backward. Every day is a new day and an opportunity to make the choices that will direct you toward the life path that you want. What is your choice?


Carolyn O’Byrne “Coach Carolyn”

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