If you failed a DOT physical, you might have heard this from your Certified Medical Examiner (CME), “You are not compliant with your medications.” or “You are not managing your medications.”

Prescription medication noncompliance is the same as saying, “I don’t care.” or “I don’t have time to deal with this problem.” You may say, “I’m only hurting myself, no one else.” Well, yes, that’s true. Any damage to your health as a result of not following your doctor’s instructions is your responsibility. However, before you stop taking your meds or run out, consider your health may deteriorate rapidly, along with your quality of life. Not taking your medications could even cancel some or all of the benefits you are entitled to under your health insurance policy. Think about the impact on your family.

Read Dr. John’s entire article on Managing Your Meds in RoadKing Magazine here:  http://www.roadking.com/health/managing-you-meds/

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