Besides the amazing process of digestion, your gut with all its neurons, acts as a second brain. What you put in your mouth can have a major impact on your mind as well as your body.

Sure, your gut works to break down food, absorb nutrients, and expel waste through chemical processes, mechanical mixing, and muscle contractions that promote the movement of everything through the intestines.

But your gut also helps you experience the world in a more detailed way than your brain does. Most of your emotions are influenced by the condition of your gut. Your gut produces neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that help you “feel” good. When these “feel good” chemicals are out of sync or are not being produced, you may not have a feeling of well-being. You might feel depression, anxiety, fear or unrealistic thoughts.

You may not be aware that your gut is actually the culprit. An unhealthy gut can be caused by many different situations, such as antibiotics and prescription drug use, stress, or eating processed foods.

Working to restore your gut will support not only healthy digestion but healthy thoughts as well.

Being aware of the condition of your gut is the first step to success. If you take antibiotics or prescription drugs, eat processed foods and have a stressful life, start by examining your world and making changes that promote gut health.

Do you eat processed food?

Do you know which foods promote gut health?

Do you support your gut with probiotics and prebiotics?

Do you get enough nutrition?

Is your personality one that feels stressed out regularly?

Do you feel better when you can talk out your concerns?

Are there medications that could be phased out if you changed your lifestyle?

Feeling good feels good! The taste of that favorite processed junk food is not worth giving up the GREAT feeling that you will have when your body is functioning at top capacity. When you get a taste of how it feels to be free of digestion problems and emotional challenges, any change in lifestyle to get you there is more than worth it. Thinking becomes more clear and decision making improves because all of your neurons are working just like they were designed to.


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