The Luck of the Draw by Coach Carolyn, Carolyn O’Byrne

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Does your life really depend on LUCK? Sure, there are some circumstances that are out of your control, but do you realize how many youRead More…

What’s your gut’s health score? by Coach Carolyn, Carolyn O’Byrne

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Do you realize the enormous impact that the health of your gut plays? It affects not only your physical health but your emotional health, too.Read More…

ED and Smoking

Mon Jan 29 2018 | 357 views | 0 |

I recently talked about ED and Smoking on the Tim Ridley Show on XM146 Road Dog Trucking Radio.  Brad, a truck driver, wanted some additionalRead More…

Want to quit smoking? – READ THIS!

Mon Jan 15 2018 | 305 views | 0 |

TOBACCO OR EXTENDED LIFE! It’s your choice!  Dr. John’s most recent article in Road King Magazine is about smoking, the health effects, the cost andRead More…

Make Every Day New

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Make every day new. Many people with good intentions make New Year’s resolutions. It is not the resolutions that can be an issue but ratherRead More…

4 Ways To Turn Good Posture Into A Better Ride!!

Thu Dec 28 2017 | 549 views | 0 |

4 Ways To Turn Good Posture Into A Better Ride!! (Modified from Harvard Health’s (HH) 4 step program for my trucker buddies)   Most truckRead More…

The Cost of Getting the Flu

Mon Dec 11 2017 | 507 views | 0 |

It’s that time of year – FLU SEASON!  Prevention costs less than getting the flu and you won’t have to deal with the fever, chills,Read More…

The Pressures of Being On the Road by Coach Carolyn, Carolyn O’Byrne

Wed Dec 6 2017 | 579 views | 0 |

Many professional drivers may not know how to handle the unique pressures of being out on the road day after day. It’s a demanding jobRead More…

Rebound Headaches Are Not A Disease

Mon Nov 6 2017 | 321 views | 0 |

MOST OFTEN SELF-INFLICTED… SOMETIMES WITH THE HELP OF DOCTORS  BY: DR. JOHN McELLIGOTT, DR. JOHN’S MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Rebound headaches are very common in truckers who self-medicate aRead More…

Podcast on The Flu w/Mark Reddig on Landline Now

Tue Oct 31 2017 | 258 views | 0 |

IT’S FLU SEASON! In case you missed Dr John talking about the flu w/Mark Reddig listen to the podcast here:     00