Do you realize the enormous impact that the health of your gut plays? It affects not only your physical health but your emotional health, too. Your gut has more neurons than your brain and spine. It also produces the majority of your neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that your body needs to transport signals or information to communicate with each other. If your gut is compromised, so are your signals. Hmmmm … could this be why things are just not right, why your physical and emotional health is not where it should be? Let’s look at what’s for and against your gut so you can figure your score.

1.What and how you eat

For: Fruits, vegetables, and sprouts that are raw and/or lightly cooked, greens, high-fiber foods, beans, meat broths, fermented foods, the good fats such as avocados, avocado oil, unrefined coconut oil, unrefined nut and seed oils, fatty fish oils. Chewing your food until it is completely mush. Taking your time to eat.

Against: Processed foods, sugar, artificial sugar, starchy foods, grains, the bad fats such as anything hydrogenated, soy oil, corn oil, canola oil, cotton seed oil, margarine, shortening, any oil that is refined, dairy, MSG, GMO foods, gluten. Rushing through meal time. Not chewing your food well before you swallow.


For: Wash hands well with plain soap, not antibacterial soap, use herbs and foods that support your immune system, be sure to support the right balance of microorganisms in your gut by using probiotics in supplement form and in fermented foods, search out methods of prevention and repair.

Against: Medications and antibiotics that are not absolutely necessary and foods that promote disease.


For: Stress affects the condition of your gut. Become aware of how you react to the situations around you. Perceive circumstances as “matter of fact,” learning experiences, blessings in disguise, be the steering wheel of your mind, and keep a blessed attitude. Train yourself to guide your thoughts in a positive direction.

Against: Let outside circumstances control your emotions.Perceive any situation as negatively affecting you. Let your old unwanted habits determine your actions.

4.Clean water

For: Your colon absorbs most of the water that your body takes in. It cannot function properly without it. The majority of your body is made up of water. It needs adequate amounts to work properly and support good health.  Every cell and function in your body needs water. Think of your organs as filters. Why would you put contaminated water through your filters? Find the most pure form of water possible.

Against: Sink water and many other water sources provide water that is full of contaminants, adding stress and unnecessary toxins to your body.


For: All of your body depends on movement. Many functions such as your lymphatic system depend on movement to work properly. Joints need movement, and your cardiovascular system must have stimulation and challenge to build strength. Movement uses and promotes energy.

Against: Lack of movement slows down all processes, causing many areas to be sluggish and lack proper function.


For: Your body is designed to thrive on fresh air and sunshine. The more “clean” your environment is the better and more efficient your system will run.

Against: Smoking, cleaners in your working and living areas, and additives in food can bring you in contact with synthetic chemicals. Some people are better at detoxing than others. Regardless of which one you are, the fewer the toxins coming into your body, the less your body will have to try to get rid of them. Most chemicals do not support good health. In all areas of your life, keep in mind ridding your surroundings of toxins.

Keep up your score for the highest quality of life possible. Quality of life means you’ll be a true winner.


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