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We offer Companies/Organizations:

  • Better employee retention
  • Onsite workstation; 12 hour testing and treatment
  • Quick, easy, and affordable testing and treatment solutions
  • Lower incidents of work-related accidents, errors, and injuries
  • Measurable reduction in healthcare costs
  • Improve employee compliance with treatment
  • Complete, accurate, and current treatment compliance reports
  • Help employees improve health and stay on the job


When the health of employees improves with sleep apnea management, healthcare costs are noticeably reduced. That is because sleep apnea has so many relational side effects. The Washington-based American Sleep Apnea Association found that obstructed sleep apnea creates “an independent risk factor for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, and is strongly associated with insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and mood disorders such as depression.

Our sleep apnea management solution along with our telehealth services offer you the opportunity to help your workforce stay healthy and safe.

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